Harper Downie
Gate House,
1 St Johns Square,

Decai Construction
20th Floor, Chuban Plaza,
No. 182 Haier Road,
Laoshan District,




The world's economic growth is driven by the trade of knowledge. Local expertise, or an incisive view, can be shared with relevance across the globe.

As our world shrinks, the need to present ever more relevant ideas increases. We need to share our experiences and our cultures as never before.

DC+HD has been established by two companies; each of whom are individually important and significant within their own regions in the field of design, construction, architecture and master planning.

Decai Decoration Co., Limited established by Mr Decai Ye, specialising in interior design and construction, with a hundreds of talented and dedicated designers and MEP engineers, the company has established a strong market reputation in interior design and construction.

Harper Downie Architects are based in Central London. The practice is 90-strong with a workload comprising an eclectic mix of projects, spanning many sectors across local, national and international boundaries.

The scale ranges from urban master-planning to mass-produced, prefabricated industrial products. Harper Downie has built a strong reputation with developers and end users alike, and currently has many residential, mixed use and hotel projects both on the boards and under construction, in Europe and across the world.

Established by David Harper and Alistair Downie, the practice draws on an eclectic mix of skills, experiences and interests generated by its diverse and talented staff. Every project is treated as unique, benefitting its time, place and use; but each is subjected to the same rigorous process of analysis that is aesthetically based, intelligently framed and always commercially astute. The restless, dynamic force of the practice is constantly seeking and delivering, through a methodical, purposeful process, the appropriate design solution to every concern; quietly generating value without risk, and elegance without compromise. Nothing can be achieved in isolation, we are only one component part of the whole, but our energy, our natural inquisitive nature and our ability to enthuse others through gentle leadership creates the climate where bold invigorating but never insensitive architecture can contribute to our world.

This is China and the United Kingdom coming together: DC_HD intend to merge their skills and develop a design philosophy and a working methodology that can combine the best of two cultures and bring it to bear on any specific project anywhere in the world.





哈珀·唐尼建筑设计坐落于伦敦中心,由大维-哈伯和阿里斯托-唐力组建,集中了90 多位设计师和专业人员承接大量别具一格的设计项目,业务遍及全球,深入众多领域。